Well This Is New

I had a blog, a long time ago.
It started in high school as a typical place to join friends in bitching about parents and school and our collective lack of romantic encounters. As time went on it got still more typically edgy and depressing as I unconsciously used it to gain attention from anyone who'd read my dissatisfied and hormone-addled rants.
Moving into college, it morphed into more philosophical conflicts and ideological struggles I was having. Particularly with the religion I was born into, but also with human nature and behavior in general. It was still pretty whiny.
This isn't going to be anything like that. I think.
Today I'm starting a music blog. As I currently see it, this will be a broad combination of musical stuff; I'll post updates on what I'm currently working on musically, I'll write some short reviews on bands/albums I really admire and think are relatively under-recognized, and possibly general musings on the music industry and the creative process itself.
And I'll at least try to be concise in each post. God knows we all have zero time to, y'know, read stuff. I'll be sure to use lots of carriage returns. Here's some now!
There are a slew of reasons for doing this, as well as a general goal in mind, but I'll spare you the lengthier details. What I hope is that you find these posts the least bit entertaining, informative, thoughtful, or any other positive experience you could glean from typed text instead of wishing you spent these last five minutes watching Netflix.
I have an announcement or two to make soon, as well as some general bio info to post. These will come later, I assure you. I wouldn't want to leave you too long, breath abated, fingers crossed, mashing F5 like a mad telegraph operator on too many coca leaves.
Until then, take care of yourselves.

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