What The World Needs Now Is Another Holiday Song

Almost exactly a year ago, I spontaneously wrote a half-serious acoustic-only holiday song. Kind of on a whim. I figured I could throw a quick, barebones production together in a day or two and release it for Christmas 2015.

That, uh, didn't happen.

But I'm kinda glad--because that gave me a year to work on the arrangement, add layers of parts, and generally polish a stupid quick idea into something I'm surprisingly proud of.

Seriously, I know this is a dumb song. But from a self-taught, home studio production standpoint this is probably one of my best attempts. I can go back and listen to the recordings I made a year ago, three years ago, and immediately notice my improvement. And that feels pretty cool.

Yeah I'll stop bragging now. I released an original song today. It's about Christmas, it's about Hanukkah, but mostly it's about me wanting to create some more content trying to relax and enjoy time with whomever you want to.

May this song bring you many warm fuzzy feels. Or a laugh, or chuckle, or slight sharp brief exhalation followed by small grin. Enjoy.

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