An Exercise In Accountability

You know what's pretty hard? Saying you'll do something specific, at a certain time, and then following through. It's far easier to just say you'll get around to it sometime.

Unfortunately, the latter rarely comes to fruition. Funny how that works.

Despite over a decade of noodling around in electronica territory, I've yet to release the vast majority of my songs. Hell, I don't even need to qualify that statement with a genre - I just don't finish things.

However, I aim to rectify that. So I'm making an album.

This is my first full-length record, mostly electronic, and it will be ready for your listening pleasure in September. I figure if I make this widely known instead of just making mental plans, the odds of me following through and creating a quality product on time are much higher.

Here's where I'm at: I've got about 16 songs in various states of completion. Most of these you can hear in the form of the album teaser song on the main page, but I'll make it easy for you to listen right here.

Some of those may get cut. Actually, that's a certainty--I plan to write at least a few more and pick the strongest and most cohesive tracks. This isn't a heavy concept album, but there is a general theme/narrative I want to follow and each individual song should apply. Plus, y'know, they should be enjoyable to listen to.

I'm gonna keep you posted through this, with neato-keen behind the scenes production content to whet your collective aural appetites!

Here's my rough calendar. Keep me accountable:
- Finish writing the record in May
- Record everything in May-June
- Mix and master in July-August
- Release final product in early September (actual date coming soon)

I hope you're as excited as I am about this. I've never been as experimental, creative, and vulnerable as I am in these new songs. This is a strong passion of mine, and it's happening with or without public interest because I need to make this for me. But if I'm able to somehow connect with someone else through this, resonate with someone on any level, then it's all the more meaningful.

That, or I just desperately crave validation. You decide!

P.S. Show this to your pals. Anyone you know that loves finding new music, it's immensely helpful for you to pass along a simple recommendation. I'm just one guy, here. Thanks!

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