I Caught Your Radio Waves

I listen to podcasts often, and most of them pertain to music or general creativity in some way. It's a great way to get into a productive, creative mindset while driving home from work. Or to focus my mind elsewhere while at work.

Here are my current favorites. Maybe you'll like them too:

1) Simply Recording Podcast

I've mentioned these guys before, and I don't intend to stop. Joe and Graham are the most practical, down-to-earth, realistic home studio mentors out there. They talk about what's important and downplay the minute semantics that are often more trouble than effective. Best of all, they prioritize the performance and quality of music over fancy gear. And they're funny, too.

2) Home Studio Corner (a.k.a. Ask Joe)

See #1. This is Joe's solo podcast, which is weekly vs the former's monthly output. This one's less focused on one topic per episode, and more of a Q & A as you can send in whatever music questions you have and he'll say what he can about them.

3) DIY Musician Podcast

Some indie music veterans at CD Baby talk about ALL things independent music. They host discussions and interviews about gigging, album releases, getting your music on streaming sites, branding, you name it. And they don't obnoxiously plug the company they work for. If you play music and you're not mega super famous already, listen to this. If you ARE mega super famous, Hi! Notice me please. I have demos.

4) You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

This one's not specifically about music, but it nonetheless fuels my ambition and drive to create (and generally be a better person). This is a stand-up comedian that interviews pretty much anyone in the entertainment industry about their lives. What sets this apart from so many others in this format is the depth, honesty, and vulnerability that comes across from both guest and host. Pete's conversation points are simply "Comedy, Sex, God" and they don't shy away from the most awkward, deep, and uh... weird topics. Plus, he always keeps the atmosphere light and humorous despite the subject matter. Also plus, theme music by Reggie Watts.

5) The Tim Ferriss Show

Ok, I'm new to this one and I'm well aware it's not unpopular. Ferriss is such a quick, brilliant guy that takes a practical, systematic approach to everything in life. He interviews various successful entrepreneurs and talks about their approach to practically every aspect of their lives. There's a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from this one regarding creativity and focus in life.

Well there it is folks, my first Top 5 post. God help us all. Happy listening!

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