Avoiding Anticlimax

Finishing stuff is hard to do. So is breaking up, but that's not today's topic.

This post is as much for myself to remember as it is for sharing with you. Whatever you're working on, follow through to the end and finish it. There's something different about the actual completion and END of a project that brings a whole slew of benefits. You feel accomplished and proud, sure, but you also gain valuable experience and knowledge.

It's been said that one's skill can develop exponentially more by finishing and releasing ten songs in a year than spending the same amount of time and effort on one. Sounds pretty true to me, though it's painful advice when I can take years to finish one damn song. I know. It's a habit I'm working on breaking.

The other option is to drag something out for so long that you A) lose track of what you initially wanted or B) give up. Not only does that feel crappy, it's ultimately a waste of time. And sometimes even if you do finally finish it, you're disappointed in the imbalance of cost to result.

I've been working on this Data Lecher record for about three years. Like my repressed-yet-oppressive high school teachers used to say about my hair, that is too long. What started as a creative, experimental marathon now feels like a sprint to the end due mainly to my own impatience. But I'm still doing it, and it's gonna be sweet.

So if you're composing an album, painting a portrait, staining your deck, coding a website, rehearsing a standup routine, writing a children's book, pasting together a scrapbook of that hunky but aloof guy you stalk at the post office--finish it. See it through to the end, rather than drag it out or fizzle into nothing. Then move onto something else, and you'll have all that new knowledge and experience to utilize.

P.S. I'm going to be starting a new, hopefully recurring, album review series on the blog. It's called This Is A Good Album, or TIAGA, for you acronym-loving nerdballs. I'll pick records that I've deemed outstanding, and have also left a huge impression on me at some point in my life. Expect bias. But like... in a good way.

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