Carina Round - The Disconnection (TIAGA #1)

Welcome to the first in a new series of slightly obscure short album reviews, titled This Is A Good Album. These records are not only, uh, good--they've personally resonated with me through some combination of sincerity, creativity, and deviation from the norm.

Of all the albums in this series, this is likely the most accessible to the widest range of listeners; meaning if you still just listen to the radio, it's all downhill from here. Sorry.

Let's jump in!

Carina Round - The Disconnection (2004)

The British cover is a touch more badass.
I first stumbled upon this gem in late 2014, a good decade after it was initially released. The majestic and magical internet radio service once known as Songza (RIP) suggested that I might like "Sit Tight," the album's penultimate slow burn alt-rock epic. They were not wrong. It was a strange place to start with an album, but it worked for me.

It's hard to place just why I love this album. Maybe part of it is how I'd never heard Carina's name come up anywhere before, and I was pleasantly surprised. Or how she seems to hover brilliantly in the blurry space between standard pop convention and raw, artful expression. She takes the best parts of each and crafts her own sound that's catchy but tasteful, chaotic but controlled. Maybe it's partly because I looked her up and she's apparently in Puscifer. All neat things.

Tonally, I get a strange mix of old and new from this. I hear the anger and calculated noise from nineties alt rock fused with the clarity and subtlety of modern singer-songwriters. And speaking as a record producer, this has got to be one of the BEST mixed albums I've ever heard. Typically with heavier artists you lose subtlety, and with softer music there's little punch or energy. She achieves both, and neither is lost as a result. You can clearly pick out her vocal harmonies, the detailed auxiliary percussion, individual guitar tracks, etc. and she can still rock your face when she wants to. Seriously, play this in your car or on nice headphones and you can hear what I'm talking about. It's inspiring and impressive to me.

For fans of: PJ Harvey, St. Vincent, Fiona Apple, Poe

Favorite Songs: Into My Blood, Lacuna, Sit Tight

So give The Disconnection a listen, and let me know what you think! Also, how do you feel about the new album review series? Leave a comment, send an email, shoot me a Tweeters, stop me in the street, whatever. More updates on my album, next time. Stay tuned!

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