Data Lecher Album Update!

I read somewhere that creative, idiosyncratic blog titles were bad for site traffic and SEO and blah blah. I was all "pshhhh that's lame, I wanna be original and witty and people will love me." And then I just spent ten minutes trying to find which previous post of mine had the free VST plugins in it. So fine, okay, lesson learned. I'll be slightly more informative with my post names.

Which means this is an update about the Data Lecher album. If you recall in this post where I announced the record, my timeline was as follows:

- Finish writing the record in May
Record everything in May-June
Mix and master in July-August
Release final product in early September (actual date coming soon)

And look, it's June! Well I almost made it; there's one more song I need to fully flesh out, and 1-2 finished instrumentals that I feel could use some lyrics. And then I'll have a full roster of (count 'em) SIXTEEN tracks ready to officially record and polish. And cut.

I'm going to whittle it down; that was the plan from the beginning. write more than I need, keep the strongest. In the past I rushed to get "enough material" and then just released what I had, so I'm trying something different. Hopefully then, the end product is stronger as a whole. Plus I get to release all the rejects as a B-Sides EP. Bonus.

So, I wanted to have something to actually SHOW for this, but they're just not quite ready yet. I'll try and focus on getting a song or two ready for consumption before the actual release date. Which, by the way, is tentatively September 1st. That could change. What are goals and deadlines for, but to stretch, alter, and pass them?

But I won't leave you completely empty-handed. What follows is the current track titles and approximate order they'll appear on the album. May they entice, intrigue, and tide over until I get some more content ready.

Data Lecher (September 2017)
pic unrelated, but entertaining

Process Improvement
Thyme Crisis
Managed Expectations
I Go No Me
Resonance Cascade
Nothing Serious
Temporary Objectification
The Look
Shock And Kill
Victimless Crimes
Segue To Sleep

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