This Album's Sprung A Leak - New Single "Nothing Serious" Out Now!

Well I'll be, there's just so much new content coming out lately.

With two weeks to go until the Data Lecher album release, I guess I just couldn't help myself. Today you can hear the second single off the record, titled "Nothing Serious." See, it's like, ironically named or something.

Listen to the song here!

Oh yeah, a few fine folks were moderately miffed at my tactless untamed tongue in the first single, Annulment, in which I let fly a prohibitively profane phrase. Let it thusly be known: there is exactly one (1) no-no potty mouth naughty poo poo swear in the first verse of "Nothing Serious." Earmuffs, kids.

Arguably, this whole album might not be for children; it's about relationships crumbling apart, anxiety-ridden mental breakdowns, and existential crises. Y'know. Fun stuff. Then again, maybe your kids are awesome and that's totally their bag. I don't judge.

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