Autumnal Audio Analysis

This month not one, not three, but precisely two of my good friends released their own full-length albums - and I wanted to get the word out about these quality releases. Here are a few words about both of them:


On Nov 2nd, Matthew Jason & the Collective Debut released Mayday Mayday - the long anticipated follow-up to 2010's eponymous EP. This album recaptures the spirit of riff-heavy, guitar-oriented classic rock paired with introspective and refreshing lyricism. In this you'll hear extensive and wide vocal harmonies, bluesy solos, and catchy hooks a-plenty. And Matt really knows how to write a hook; you'll have these tunes stuck in your head for days.

Favorite tracks: Brother, Soon You Will See
For fans of: Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Jet

Just last Friday (Nov 16th), Ben Krogh put out his sophomore LP (if you count 2015's The Old The Young under the Huntsman moniker - which I certainly do), Beck and Call. This record is saturated in deep-rooted folk Americana goodness. Krogh's ear for vocal melody, extended harmony, and lush arrangement make this album one of the most cohesive and sonically pleasing that I've heard in quite a while. For the technically minded, the production on this is top-notch as well.

Favorite tracks: You'll Never Walk Alone, Children of Men
Similar Artists: Damien Jurado, Tom Petty

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