Autumnal Audio Analysis

This month not one, not three, but precisely two of my good friends released their own full-length albums - and I wanted to get the word out about these quality releases. Here are a few words about both of them:


On Nov 2nd, Matthew Jason & the Collective Debut released Mayday Mayday - the long anticipated follow-up to 2010's eponymous EP. This album recaptures the spirit of riff-heavy, guitar-oriented classic rock paired with introspective and refreshing lyricism. In this you'll hear extensive and wide vocal harmonies, bluesy solos, and catchy hooks a-plenty. And Matt really knows how to write a hook; you'll have these tunes stuck in your head for days.

Favorite tracks: Brother, Soon You Will See
For fans of: Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Jet

Just last Friday (Nov 16th), Ben Krogh put out his sophomore LP (if you count 2015's The Old The Young under the Huntsman moniker - which I certainly do), Beck and Call. This record is saturated in deep-rooted folk Americana goodness. Krogh's ear for vocal melody, extended harmony, and lush arrangement make this album one of the most cohesive and sonically pleasing that I've heard in quite a while. For the technically minded, the production on this is top-notch as well.

Favorite tracks: You'll Never Walk Alone, Children of Men
Similar Artists: Damien Jurado, Tom Petty



It's finally here.

Thank you so much to everyone who showed their support and provided encouragement during the production of this album.

Buy the CD and/or digital download:

Also available at:




Google Play Music



Note: if you would like a CD and you are somewhat close to the Chicago area, I have a personal stock that you can purchase directly from me and avoid shipping costs. Just send me a message (chris@calderacollapse.com) and I'll get you a copy ASAP.

I hope you enjoy it.


This Album's Sprung A Leak - New Single "Nothing Serious" Out Now!

Well I'll be, there's just so much new content coming out lately.

With two weeks to go until the Data Lecher album release, I guess I just couldn't help myself. Today you can hear the second single off the record, titled "Nothing Serious." See, it's like, ironically named or something.

Listen to the song here!

Oh yeah, a few fine folks were moderately miffed at my tactless untamed tongue in the first single, Annulment, in which I let fly a prohibitively profane phrase. Let it thusly be known: there is exactly one (1) no-no potty mouth naughty poo poo swear in the first verse of "Nothing Serious." Earmuffs, kids.

Arguably, this whole album might not be for children; it's about relationships crumbling apart, anxiety-ridden mental breakdowns, and existential crises. Y'know. Fun stuff. Then again, maybe your kids are awesome and that's totally their bag. I don't judge.


Pre-order Data Lecher Album Now Through Amazon

Hey, good news for people that like pre-orders! Data Lecher is now available to purchase on Amazon. There's even some nifty 30 second preview clips of every track to sample to your heart's content. Upon ordering, you'll immediately receive a download for the album's first single, Annulment.

Get the album here.

I'm told that the album will also be available for pre-order on iTunes shortly (also with immediate Annulment download), and I'll send something out once I know it's up there.

Stay tuned for more info, teasers, a video or two - and another single release next week!


New Data Lecher single, Annulment, out now - Full album available 08.10.2018

The first single from the upcoming Data Lecher album is out now!

Listen here.

Stay tuned for the debut full-length album, coming 08.10.2018!