About Caldera Collapse:

Caldera Collapse is an independent recording studio and pseudo-music label based in Buffalo Grove, IL. It serves both local and worldwide musicians who want to put their works into polished, professional recordings - as well as a production umbrella to all things Chris Ammann gets his grubby little hands on.

Associated Acts:

The Caldera, Data Lecher, Foxflitz, Huntsman/Benjamin Krogh, Matthew Jason and the Collective Debut, Nor'Easter, Rome the Ruins, Stephandrews Band

About Data Lecher:

Data Lecher is Chris Ammann, a multi-instrumentalist with a deep passion for evocative music who manages databases and writes code for a living. After a slew of relatively short-lived bands, he found himself several time zones away from his creative partners, and seized the opportunity to make the most ambitious, intricate, and dauntingly stressful solo album he could.

This record is DIY taken to its logical extreme. How much could one realistically, conceivably accomplish with little to no funding or support (and a full-time office job) - and still release a polished, layered, solid product. Everything on this album was written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered solely by Chris Ammann; initially out of necessity, but ultimately for the unique challenge presented.

Through distorted guitars, twisted synths, and glitched drums, these songs explore the slow dissolution of relationships; the hollow dread and anxiety of an increasingly apathetic and polarized society; crippling dependency on technology; growing older and realizing the person you wanted to be ten years ago is still ten years away. And also one sardonic take on a sexy pop song.